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darklaw avestine kami arrowreign 2015 teresa wymore

Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Arrowreign

I’m beginning to think that freedom isn’t about doing what I want but having what I need. And I never seem to have what I need. No matter where I go, something’s always missing. Kami…


Darklord – The Library

I have considered doing my webcomic, Demonrise, in grayscale, but I feel pressure to produce it in color. After all, color is free! When I was young, there was no web or digital art.


Darklord – Rook Portrait and Bio

We are formless clay, though we appear as men. When our training ends, we are gods, though we appear as men. For Essanti, love is a wound, and she’s all that can heal it. Rook…


Darklord – Kami Portrait and Bio

Love is an apparition haunting our lives. Lust is the only reality. Kami (Darklaw) Character Bio KAMI spent her formative years in the Demonforest before leaving her war-torn homeland in search of a hero. She…


Darklord – Avestine Portrait and Bio

“I won’t ask you to be anything other than what you are. And you must not ask that of me.” Avestine (Darklaw) Excerpt | In the Shadows of Gods Avestine was sahr. She was the…


Darklord – Avestine on the Trail

She held a god within her. She felt his power warm her, strengthen her. She had had her chest torn open, her heart pierced, her neck sliced, and still she lived. She commanded the obedience…


Darklord – Sahrdon Castle

Surely, you’re curious? About my father’s deprivations? Should I start with the daily beatings or the nights I learned how to satisfy a god’s lust? He was convinced we had only each other. Trust no…

darklaw avestine kami avjakar 2015 teresa wymore

Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Avjakar

That’s all right, little one. Hundreds of people watched you beg like a rutting cat. You don’t need my respect, and I don’t need your love. You’ll do what you’re told. That’s all. Avestine (Darklaw)…

darklaw avestine kami at graystone

Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Graystone

No one is innocent. No one. As a child, Kami survived the brutality of a sea port brothel through courage and resourcefulness. When she meets Avestine, the legendary warrior now an outlaw, Kami finds herself in…


Darklaw – Pah Gol Revelations of the First World (Religion)

Do you understand the Emissary’s place in the wheel? His place alongside the other Emissaries? What the Essanti truly are? Father was a liar. Our sister, too. Avestar (Darklaw) Excerpt | Darklaw “This chart shows…