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Savage Sinru: Sins of the Father

As I work on SAVAGE SINRU: The Barbarian’s Daughter, I’m doing some reference material and splash pages and I make myself laugh a lot. Sinru is cursed, and she believes it’s because her father pissed…


Savage Sinru The Barbarian’s Daughter

Transcript The world knew him as the barbarian. his lust for life was mythic. His god was merciless. some called him thief and slayer. others called him hero. One called him father. She was Sinru,…


Darklaw Compendium – Character Portraits

Read the DARKLAW Web Serial on this websiteRead the DARKLAW E-Book at Amazon Creator Notes Click the image to see it HUGE in all its glorious detail. I spent a lot of time getting Avestine’s…


Darklaw – New Edition Cover Rook Detail

Rook’s focus could shift in a blink from what he saw to what he believed without the burden of acknowledging the difference. Like the architecture of a solemn temple, his rugged face nuanced severity in…


Darklaw – Compendium Edition Cover Background

You’re wrong, you know. Some people are innocent. I know because I’ve killed many of them. Avestine (Darklaw) Creator Notes I’m working on the cover for the new edition of Darklaw. The new edition (3rd)…


Darklaw – New Edition Cover Kami Detail

Before she was ten, she had seen more lust and violence than most people ever do, and was more confused about the difference. As often as she tried, as often as she had seen it,…


Darklaw – New Edition Cover Avestine Detail

“I won’t ask you to be anything other than what you are. And you must not ask that of me.” Avestine (Darklaw) Excerpt from “In the Shadows of Gods” AVESTINE rose to power through ruthless…


Protocol One – Spirit, Soul, Conscience, Duty

Where the old species might live by Ten Commandments or a Bill of Rights, the new species had one viable imperative. Their stark vision of life gave them an equally stark morality. If life is…

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Protocol One – Alex and Virtue on Dahmin

By nature, Virtue was a manipulator. By training, he was a psychiatric surgeon. He served the Nation as a redactor, an intelligence officer who fit history to policy, and so a man who, in essence,…


Protocol One – Virtue Cole Portrait

I’m many things. Things you couldn’t imagine and things you wouldn’t want to. My job isn’t to decide who to trust. We all have something more important than the promises we make. The Nation can’t afford to trust, so when it must, it’s my job to be sure it can. And the only way to be sure it can is to be sure it doesn’t have to.


Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Arrowreign

I’m beginning to think that freedom isn’t about doing what I want but having what I need. And I never seem to have what I need. No matter where I go, something’s always missing. Kami…


Darklord – The Library

I have considered doing my webcomic, Demonrise, in grayscale, but I feel pressure to produce it in color. After all, color is free! When I was young, there was no web or digital art.


Darklord – Avestine on the Trail

She held a god within her. She felt his power warm her, strengthen her. She had had her chest torn open, her heart pierced, her neck sliced, and still she lived. She commanded the obedience…


Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Avjakar

That’s all right, little one. Hundreds of people watched you beg like a rutting cat. You don’t need my respect, and I don’t need your love. You’ll do what you’re told. That’s all. Avestine (Darklaw)…

darklaw avestine kami at graystone

Darklaw – Avestine and Kami at Graystone

No one is innocent. No one. As a child, Kami survived the brutality of a sea port brothel through courage and resourcefulness. When she meets Avestine, the legendary warrior now an outlaw, Kami finds herself in…


Darklaw – Pah Gol Revelations of the First World (Religion)

Do you understand the Emissary’s place in the wheel? His place alongside the other Emissaries? What the Essanti truly are? Father was a liar. Our sister, too. Avestar (Darklaw) Excerpt | Darklaw “This chart shows…


Darklaw – Sahrdon Coat of Arms (History)

The only difference between Avestine and her brother was that she had learned her father’s lessons and passed his tests. The only difference was that she was the monster her father had made, and her…


Darklaw – World Map (History)

Someone will always have to make the decision about who lives and who dies. That isn’t evil. That is society. Rook (Darklaw) Excerpt | The Meditations In the days when men still hunted other men…