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Echo of Darkness – Prologue

From the balcony I watched Maria writhing. She was alone on the couch. I preferred her that way. It’s not that I’m jealous. What she might share with another isn’t something taken from me. Besides,…


My Dark and Empty Sky

Lesbian erotica | Speculative | In the lulling hours of late afternoon, when my sons are with their tutor and my husband is at his office, I usually take tea and sit with my daughter…


Lesbian Cowboy – Episode 3

Published in Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures | Copyright © 2009 Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved.| Lesbian erotica | Western | I woke to see my dark angel. Caroline was smiling and dabbing my forehead. She…


Lesbian Cowboy – Episode 2

Published in Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures |Copyright © 2009 Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved.|Lesbian erotica | Western | Proster led me to his house outside of town and told me I could sleep on the…


Lesbian Cowboy – Episode 1

Lesbian erotica | Western | On the wall of the stable hung coal shovels, a hay fork, and rakes. A large drill with a broken bit had a thick cobweb holding it to the wall….


About Me

Lesbian erotica | Memoir | Beth stared at me, her expressive eyes recognizing my bind as I struggled with some of the reasons I should leave. Her husband would be home from work soon, and…


Under the Dome

Lesbian erotica | Speculative | As one of ten-thousand elite workers in the domed capitol, I worked between grinding benches that spewed iron flakes and vents that wheezed coal dust. Lesser workers delivered supplies to…