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Episode 5 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 5

Transcript OLD WOMAN: Emissary! Please…I have something I must give you. NARRATOR: Timur follows Avestine everywhere, but for a moment, she wanders toward something she sense, yet isn’t there. Creator Notes This is my favorite…

Episode 4 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 4

Transcript ROOK: Kami hasn’t left the city for some time. She will be disappointed.AVESTINE: Hahaha! I’ve been disappointing her for years.CROWD: The Emissary! Creator Notes If you have been paying close attention, you’ll notice that…

Episode 3 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 3

Transcript ROOK: I’ll take Kami.AVESTINE: She stays–PALACE GUARD: Warmaster! A crowd gathers at your shrine. AVESTINE: I see there’s a new idol. Have it brought to me. Clear away the people. And clear away that…

Episode 2 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 2

Transcript AVESTINE: I’ll manage Ogedai. All I want from you is to ride to Bentwood.ROOK: I’ll find out who is murdering the children. AVESTINE: I don’t care if Coth himself is reaping his due from…

Episode 1 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 1

Transcript AVESTINE: He’ll agree.ROOK: That doesn’t make it a good plan.NARRATION: A war council meeting ends… Warmaster Avestine offered a new strategy in the Alliance’s war with Darklaw, a mission that would leave the legions…

Demonrise Demonfell Map Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Darklaw Map

Creator Notes My love of maps began when I was a kid playing D&D. In those days, I used graph paper and colored pencils. How wonderful I have digital programs now. This map began in Corel…

Demonrise Demonfell Intro Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Demonfell Intro

Transcript Demons neither live nor die. They rise and fall. And all they fear is the Demonfell. Fifteen years after the events of Darklaw, Avestine, Kami, and Rook live as guests of the Castle Alliance,…


Demonrise – Demonfell Title

The Story Demons neither live nor die. They rise and fall and the only thing they fear is the Demonfell. You may wish to read the novel Darklaw on Kindle for more background or review…


Demonrise – Demonfell Serial Page

CHAPTER 1 – DEMONFELL The webcomic is broken into pages for easier loading. Page links at bottom. To read transcripts and creator notes, click the image to go to the post.


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 3

Contradictions and conflict were part of the bargain. Avestine knew the game well, but no one played it better than Kami, if only because Kami didn’t think of it as a game.


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 2

She would have Rook and Kami back as they should be: obedient and using their gifts for her benefit. She would send the gods from the world. She would send them to hell.


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 1

She closed her eyes at the memory of insects devouring her men. She didn’t want to think of it, but she had to put this idea in Kami’s head. She shook off her disgust.


Darklaw Compendium – Character Portraits

Read the DARKLAW Web Serial on this websiteRead the DARKLAW E-Book at Amazon Creator Notes Click the image to see it HUGE in all its glorious detail. I spent a lot of time getting Avestine’s…


Darklaw – New Edition Cover Rook Detail

Rook’s focus could shift in a blink from what he saw to what he believed without the burden of acknowledging the difference. Like the architecture of a solemn temple, his rugged face nuanced severity in…


Darklaw – Compendium Edition Cover Background

You’re wrong, you know. Some people are innocent. I know because I’ve killed many of them. Avestine (Darklaw) Creator Notes I’m working on the cover for the new edition of Darklaw. The new edition (3rd)…


Darklaw – New Edition Cover Kami Detail

Before she was ten, she had seen more lust and violence than most people ever do, and was more confused about the difference. As often as she tried, as often as she had seen it,…


Darklaw – New Edition Cover Avestine Detail

“I won’t ask you to be anything other than what you are. And you must not ask that of me.” Avestine (Darklaw) Excerpt from “In the Shadows of Gods” AVESTINE rose to power through ruthless…


Darklaw – Synopsis

Copyright © Teresa Wymore. All Rights Reserved.Epic fantasy | 2020 Kami, a young idealistic woman, finds Avestine in a remote part of the continent, followed quickly by Rook, an old and bitter man with no…


Darklaw – Epilogue

FIERCE BLUE EYES studied the ancient castle. Although the instincts of a wolf had served her for nearly fifty years, they couldn’t take the measure of the man protected by those stone towers. Who was…


Darklaw – Episode 88

Avestine turned back to stare out at the sea. She felt empty. What else could she feel when no questions remained? When she would outlast anything she built or any child she bore? When she had all eternity to relive childhood horrors and recollect her own?


Darklaw – Episode 87

Kami would always love the ceremonial moments of unbridled passion, but Avestine thought Kami would come to hate being a god. Worshippers. Ceremonies. Supplications. The needy would find her. The weak would seek her. The strong would claim her as their own. A god can’t hide.


Darklaw – Episode 86

“You believe the prophecy of the Elumen, don’t you? My father had the Elumen impaled because he was afraid of them, not because he thought them liars. He wouldn’t let me near a man, and you know what he did to my brother.”


Darklaw – Episode 85

The dark sky held the nearly-full face of Mon, white as the mountainside. Adonja’s voluptuous body was purple-black and held the sparkling stars, as well as a few wispy strands of clouds. The world was alive when she could look at it without the intrusion of the ambitious souls of the Architect’s generation.


Darklaw – Episode 84

She managed the distance most efficiently flying, so she maintained her falcon form until she reached the temple at the top of the world. A race of nomads built the white granite marvel. Traces of many gods remained in the architecture, but the men who now held the temple were worshipers of Adonja, the Sky, and her three children—Coth, Arujan, and Katan.


Darklaw – Episode 83

AVESTAR STEPPED BACKWARD around the tree and ran. Kami didn’t worry about losing him. She worried when the soldiers regained their courage. She leapt to a branch just as a spear sailed between her legs…


Darklaw – Episode 82

AFTER LEAVING THE battle on the beach, Kami had wandered down the coast for some time before she grew hungry. She waded into the sea and caught a blue fish. It flopped in her lap…


Darklaw – Episode 81

“SWARM OF FLYING ants, Excellency.” He kept his head bowed as he spoke. “Weren’t no mounds. Just flies.” Avestine stretched and peered under the man’s collar to see the bite marks stopped there. “Where did…


Darklaw – Episode 80

“THAT IS WHAT I think, Your Grace.” After a moment, he added, “Unless you want me to think something else.” She thought she might enjoy seeing how far she could push him. “Have something to…


Darklaw – Episode 79

WHILE AVJAKAR LEGIONS marched along the Wealth River, the Sovereignty sailed for Illusion Bay. Avestine didn’t have the forces to meet both at the same time, so she decided to deal with the Sovereignty first…


Darklaw – Episode 78

BUT IT DIDN’T take a week. Three days later, Rook called Avestine to a lower room of the palace, where guards laid a stone, Wald swore his oath, and Avestine took his hands. Avestine had…