Demonrise – Demonfell Title

The Story

Demons neither live nor die. They rise and fall and the only thing they fear is the Demonfell.

You may wish to read the novel Darklaw on Kindle for more background or review the Darklaw Synopsis posted on this website. The serialized version of the novel Darklaw will be complete on this website in 2021.

Creator Notes

Setting up a webcomic requires so many decisions and steps. I don’t often see creators talking about those decisions, so I wonder if maybe I just agonize over details few others do. The one that was hardest to decide on — because it needs to be unchanging for the entire run — is the page layout.

You can literally design panels and pages anyway you want. Your choice is unlimited. You just need to know what you want down the road.

Comic book formats vary, but are generally portrait (taller than they are wide). That format doesn’t do well on computer screens, which are landscape (wider than tall). Additionally, a webcomic is published panel-by-panel, strip-by-strip, or page-by-page which can use a combination of both layouts.

I wanted a webcomic format that could translate to print eventually. I also wanted a format that would easily share on social networks like Twitter. So I chose landscape posts (2×1) that can combine into 3 posts/printed page eventually (2×3).

I hope you find the layout aesthetically pleasing. You can view on desktop easily, but also phone and ipad landscape should provide good viewing and reading. Demonrise has its own Twitter page, and each post should share without cropping (until Twitter again changes all its formatting).

The only problem? I can’t do those cool organic overlapping panels and splash pages I love so much in floppies.

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