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Darklord – Episode 3

Rook stared across the table at Kami. How many of these conversations had he had with her over the years? She was stubborn. She was brilliant. She was a fool greater than any he had…

Episode 21 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 21

Transcript NARRATOR: Morning came and went before satiety claimed Avestine. Esme drifted off to sleep. Kami was tired yet restless. As Avestine gathered her senses and her breathing slowed, Kami observed her lover of many…

Episode 20 Demonfell Demonrise Epic Fantasy Webcomic LGBTQ

Demonrise – Episode 20

Transcript NARRATOR: Morning brought the sunrise, but in a land of ice and snow palace rooms allowed little access to the elements. The room remained dark, warmed only by two fires. NARRATOR: Through the dim…


In the Shadows of Gods – Episode 3

Contradictions and conflict were part of the bargain. Avestine knew the game well, but no one played it better than Kami, if only because Kami didn’t think of it as a game.


Darklaw – Episode 44

AVESTAR OCCASIONALLY VISITED Kami, and when he did, he insisted she concentrate on her Essanti training. He often became abusive, but in time, his beatings lost their strength as he lost whatever pleasure they had…


Darklaw – Episode 43

A GREAT DEAL of time passed and no new ability had made itself apparent, despite Avestar’s insistence that as a trained Essanti, Kami should find some power that had eluded her before. She spent some…


Stilicho’s Son – Episode 37

October had arrived, bringing the end of the campaign season, when armies often establish camps before the wet winter. But in this age of invasion, whole tribes were driven by an inexorable push that found…