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Darklaw – Episode 69

SOMEHOW, KAMI FOUND her way out of the city before Rook could speak to Avestine. The guards swore no one had passed, and when Avestine came looking for Rook because she was looking for Kami,…


Darklaw – Episode 68

KAMI ATE LUNCH with Rook at a courtyard gazebo. Avestine was dining with the rest of her senior staff in the public hall, pointedly showing her disdain for the previous attack. “You’re not hungry?” asked…


Darklord – Episode 6

VERIS SAT ON the balcony of the suite of rooms he shared with his mother. It was past sunset, but torches provided light from steady flames. The night remained windless. Beneath the floor ran a…


Darklord – Episode 5

Content Warning: consensual sexual violence Darklaw Episode 5 intersects with Demonrise Episodes 14-20 KAMI’S BARE FEET pressed against cold stone. Her right hand touched the wall in rhythm to each step before she paused to…


Darklord – Episode 4

Kami had once relished the taste of his flesh and the urgency of his cock. She winced at a memory of his violence and marveled at the man who knew her in a way no other man ever had. She smiled to herself, recalling the blissful immersion when the girl she had been dissolved into the riot of life he hated so much.


Darklord – Episode 3

ROOK STARED ACROSS the table at Kami. How many of these conversations had he had with her over the years? She was stubborn. She was brilliant. She was a fool greater than any he had…


Darklord – Episode 2

AVESTINE STARED OUT a window made of smooth pink glass. Her private library overlooked the palace courtyard where a sparkling crystal menagerie of red animals walked through a mountain vista of painted brownstone. Scrolls and…


Darklord – The Library

I have considered doing my webcomic, Demonrise, in grayscale, but I feel pressure to produce it in color. After all, color is free! When I was young, there was no web or digital art.


Darklord – Episode 1

VERIS PAUSED TO listen. It wasn’t a sound but some other sensation that drew his attention. He took a breath, closed his eyes, took another breath. Avestine was nearby. He sensed her as prey senses a hunter. His mother had told him she knew when Avestine was close, too, but she felt her as a comfort. She said Avestine steadied her.


Darklord – Rook Portrait and Bio

We are formless clay, though we appear as men. When our training ends, we are gods, though we appear as men. For Essanti, love is a wound, and she’s all that can heal it. Rook…